Sanitary security sock system

We all know the drill: Take off you shoes, put them on the conveyer belt to be X-Rayed and walk through the metal detector. All because of that one stupid m*th#rf!ck%r!

Deep breath. Okay. So what’s wrong with this system? The inventor points out:

“With the increase in airport security measures, many recent inventions have focused on improving the accuracy and efficiency of current airport security systems. However, none of these inventions have focused on the health concerns that have surfaced as a result of the implementation of the new security standards.”

That’s right people, Al Qaeda may not have hijacked any planes since 9/11, but there’s a new terrorist threatening our airports—foot fungus. Have seen those advertisments where the little fungus rips up a toenail and walks inside? It sounds messed up, but on a visceral level, I find that image almost as disturbing as the footage of the twin towers.

Diane Ghioto’s “one size fits all” sock system picks up where the department of Homeland Security left off—protecting the nation from the ground up.

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