Retractable table top for a toilet

Some of the best ideas come when you’re sitting on the john. It’s as if opening one end to eliminate the physical, we make more room on the other side for the metaphysical. One might conclude then that the more time you sit on the toilet, the more inspiration you will receive.

Rafik Shaumyan has at last conquered the “shortcomings” of standard facilities with his table top: “A device for providing a working surface while a user is seated on a toilet.”

Shaumyan has thoroughly analyzed society’s plebian use of the crapper and restored its royal dignity. As he puts it:

“The toilet seat can more rightly be called “the throne” if certain conditions are met above and beyond the simple support and flush provisions. A supply of toilet paper needs to be furnished and at a convenient location or locations, not a marginally accessible location. A supply of reading material from which a selection can be made is usually welcome, and for some an ashtray, cigarettes and matches are needed. Some may prefer to prepare notes such as shopping lists, and these will need pencil and notepaper and backing for the note paper. “

All the convenience fit for a king.

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