Necessity is the mother of invention. The father is unknown.
The following patent was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 19, 2004.

Body-Connected Bike

patent#: US 6805657

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filed under New Ways
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posted on 10/19/2004, patent issued on 10/19/2004

It looks like a new X-game has been invented in the form of this integrated human-wheel assembly. At least if you fall, you don't fall far.

Body-Connected Bike

Comments on Body-Connected Bike

Sam G | Dec 5, 2006 2:02 AM
Did he get the idea from the movie Tron...I think they were called lightcycles.

Oglethorpe B. Cadwallader | Dec 5, 2005 1:00 AM
will it carry passengers?

Snowden | Dec 4, 2005 4:01 AM
Why does he have a water bottle attached to his back? How does he plan on using it while on the bike?

Laura Moncur | Dec 4, 2005 12:01 AM
It looks like the bikes from Tron to me. I'm actually kind of hoping this one exists someday. It would be interesting to watch someone drive one. Not me, however...

Mike Garrett | Dec 3, 2004 8:00 AM
Stop this guy before he starts thinking about an off-road model. He could call it "The Kevorkian".

Alfred Danda | Dec 2, 2004 4:01 AM
Dont know much about tech but.. Maybe if you add some kinda remote control for FF and FFW this will be the best selling on sexual hi tech-paraphernalia, after all... X-games are the hint.

Bronko | Nov 3, 2003 3:00 AM
Yeah it was. I saw it on Jackass earlier tonight

durnt | Nov 3, 2003 3:00 AM
wasnt this thing on jackass???

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