Multi-purpose headgear

“A multi-purpose device for use in a wide variety of circumstances including at sporting events. The device can (1) serve as a hat or headgear, (2) it can amplify a user’s voice, (3) it can be used as a hearing aid, (4) it can be used as a carrying utensil, (5) it can serve as a banner to advertise a logo, (6) it can be used as a traffic safety cone, and (7) it can serve as a Christmas ornament.”

Tote your brews, drown out the screams of everyone around you, AND warn traffic after you’ve passed out in the parking lot? What more could a sportsfan want from a hat? You want it to magically fill with presents on Christmas morning? IT DOES THAT, TOO!

A good idea is worth protecting. Perhaps that’s why this dome cone is protected by not one, not two, not three, but four patents. A brain capable of this much intellectual property NEEDS a hat this big.

Available through the inventors website, Go Beavers!

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