Doggie poop freeze wand

Behold, the magic poop wand! The problem (as defined in the patent):

“1. The clean-up of animal feces is tedious, smelly, and messy.
2. The disposal of animal feces causes bulk, odors in trash or disposal areas, and unsanitary conditions.
3. The content of feces causes distruction and degradation of properties.
4. The natural body function of our animals is sometimes a nuisance to society.”

The solution:

“The invention discloses a device and vehicle for decomposition and discard of animal waste. It’s an elongated hollow tubular housing made of aluminum or PVC, a detachable cylinder filled with a compressed freezing chemical or refrigerant, or compressed liquid enzymes, which is inserted into the hollow housing, an operation button exposed for use, empty space at the handle end for the placement of plastic trash bags, and a threaded top on the end of the housing encapsulating the empty space. The decomposition device is aimed at the animal waste to be removed, and the operation button is pressed, which in turn manipulates the pressurized freezing chemical or enzymes, forcing the contents out of the opposite end, to freeze or breakdown the animal waste, dependent upon the choice of cylinder.”

Has “Poopsicle” been trademarked?

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