Device for the treatment of hiccups

Is there any cure for hiccups that is not patently silly? Some people breathe into paper bags, others like a good scare, and the more acrobatically inclined like to drink a glass of while standing on their heads. But the cures get even more extreme as the condition lingers. According to the inventor:

“Hiccups lasting up to 48 hours are classified as ’bouts’. Hiccups lasting longer than 48 hours are called ‘persistent.’ Those lasting longer than a month are called ‘intractable.’ “

Hiccups lasting longer than a month! I would call that a living nightmare! At this point sufferers may resort to more extreme measures such as “inducing vomiting, or applying traction on the tongue or pressure on the eyeballs.” As always, if all else fails, try poking yourself about the face and see what happens.

Faced with the above options, you can see the incentive to invent something new. This device (which peculiarly looks like a hands-free version of one of those “cup and string” phones) is a metallic cup with one electrode making contact with your cheek and another electrode making contact with the temple. When the cup is full of water and you begin to drink, an electrical circuit is created, thus stimulating the vagus and phrenic nerves and “reliably interrupting the Hiccup Reflexive Arc.”

Ions to the rescue!

Check out the official website at
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