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Garments Having Edible Components and Methods for Making Same

patent#: US 6872119

Oh, baby, the things I'm wanna do to you. I'm gonna start by nibbling your windbreaker loose, cause when we start going at it, the only breeze blowing will be from the moans of your pleasure. Then I'm gonna bite loose the straps on your heels. If there's anything that can drown out the taste of stinky feet, it's a pack of Smarties. Mmm hmm... How sexually thoughtful you are, baby. You got my sweet tooth all riled up. I'm gonna have to slow things down for a minute. I'm gonna have to eat my way into your handbag for some condoms and a bottle of water.

Oh look, there you go, stripping down to your bra and panties. Aren't you a sexy thing? I can't take it baby. I want to, but I don't think I can go any further. I think I've got a cavity and a diabetic coma coming on. Pass me some Aqua Fresh and an insulin shot.

filed under Underwear, Lingerie
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posted on 5/12/2005, patent issued on 3/29/2005

Garments Having Edible Components and Methods for Making Same