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Towing Carriage

patent#: US 6938910

Continuing with todays theme of odd tetherings, this motorcycle tow truck at first seems quite improbable, but it could actually be quite useful. Say you breakdown on the highway. You call a tow service, but the truck takes forever to get through the traffic jam that you are causing. The motorcycle on the otherhand can weave straight through all of the traffic.

Off to tie the kitty to a skateboard.

filed under Cars, Motorcycles
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posted on 9/21/2005, patent issued on 9/6/2005

Towing Carriage
Combination Powered Parachute and Motorcycle

Combination Powered Parachute and Motorcycle

patent#: US 6877690

Hells Angels don't earn their wings, they build them. Whose got the time to take out all their eyebrow rings and metal-studded collars to get through airport security? Screw it! There's got to be some way to use all of that horsepower to fly. Voila.

filed under Motorcycles
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posted on 6/3/2005, patent issued on 4/12/2005

Airbag System

patent#: US 6854762

I can't imagine an airbag being very helpful in a motorcycle accident. I'll stick with the helmet and sumo suit combination.

filed under Motorcycles
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posted on 3/29/2005, patent issued on 2/15/2005

Airbag System